The Great Sidewiki Experiment

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The Great Sidewiki Experiment

Postby Amaril » Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:11 am

If you haven't already noticed, we just announced a new feature embedded throughout the Reality Blurs web site - Google Sidewiki!

For those who aren't familiar with Google Sidewiki, it's an environment in which you are able to post insightful information about any given web page that might be of value to others visiting that same page. You can provide additional content beyond what's available on any given web page, including links to other sites or even YouTube videos.

This can be a really powerful tool for building a community across any web site, and we hope to do the same with As such, we invite you to contribute content via your own Sidewiki entries. For example, if you want to give a brief explanation about how well Realms of Cthulhu handles Sanity, you can post a Sidewiki entry on the Realms of Cthulhu page.

Sidewiki can also be used for what I call "middle-blogging" (i.e. - something in between blogging and microblogging) as it allows one to simultaneously publish to Blogger as well. Additionally, if you use Google Buzz you can connect your Sidewiki entries to your Buzz stream. If you have a Google Profile page, all of your Sidewiki entries are published as a feed there as well.

For more details, read our announcement and check out the official Google Sidewiki web site. Here's a YouTube video introducing Sidewiki to whet your appetite.
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