Horizon Lines

    We held a meeting on Saturday to discuss an upcoming project, and I waxed a bit poetic on Facebook. I was encouraged to share it with a larger audience, with you, so here goes. * * * I reflect upon the past and think about the future. This is entirely appropriate for someone born in the month of Janus (or not, depending upon what you do or don’t believe). To hear the word ‘meeting’ once made my mind bristle, like a thistle caught somewhere in my shoe calls to escape. It summons memory of a past life, much as a […]

    About Us

    Reality Blurs is a game design studio founded in 2004 by Sean Preston. Our mission statement is a simple one: devise, develop, and deliver fun gaming experiences.

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The Dirt

Your Eyes Can Deceive You…

Ready to fry your brain? Check out this amazing optical illusion.

Items of Interest: Voices to Hear, Words to Read

Be sure to catch FIVE FREE AUDIOBOOKS by Arc Dream. Maybe consider building some good karma by checking out Dennis Detwiller’s Patreon page? And a quiet moment for The Game’s the Thing. I was a frequent guest and the quest for it to come back has hit a twist. Ron and Veronica chose having a happy home life over frantically wedging in a fantastic podcast into their busy lives. I, for one, applaud this bravery, and am happy to see he’s returned to blogging (at about the same time yours truly did). Check out his wordstuffs at Gamer: The Blogging. Find something […]

tremulus is up for five Ennies…

The Ennies Voting booth is now live. We’re up for best writing, best setting, best rules, best game, and product of the year. All for tremulus. Thank you so much. Submit to your madness. Listen to your inner darkness. Vote tremulus.

The Mad Lab

Rumblings from the Mad Lab

Life is wonderful. Isn’t it? It has its ponderous moments. Its chaos. Especially in this digital age. There are heights and depths and all sorts of other bits of madnesses for us to uncover, discover, be blindsided by, and survive. And there are the creative impulses and entropic pulls that keep things altogether interesting (whether we want them to be or not). The crew and I have been quietly writing and brainstorming and mulling and gnashing teeth and all the other things you may (or may not) expect us to be doing. Yet, I’ve not been writing the Razorwise Reports […]

Bang! Bang! One Shot #3 is out!

Craving more Agents of Oblivion action? You know you are! Check out the latest mission by Michael Ysker now available from our shop, and at RPGNow. Go get your hands on some fresh pixels while supplies last!

Enroll in Monster Academy!!!

Matt Forbeck is a friend and one cool cat. He’s humble, gracious, and an all around great guy. That he’s talented is icing on the cake. I’ve dug his earlier works, such as Carpathia and Amortals, yet I’m particularly intrigued by his latest Kickstarter project, Monster Academy, so wanted to give it a special shout out. You see, he’s slanting his latest trilogy towards the YA audience, but not just the YA audience. Savvy? I recall one or two authors who’ve managed some success with this in the past. Let’s see what Matt has to say about this: Monster Academy is […]