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Getting Back to Getting Out There

Nov 8th, 2014 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

Hello! I’ve been wanting to resume these posts with more than angst and ennui, yet was stymied about where to start. It’s been some time, and I still write the words I need to write, yet haven’t put any here. Like with any writing endeavor, one must not consider the temperature of the water, nor the right time of day to dive in, or any of a million other things we can use to rationalize diving back in proper, so I kick things off again this cool November morn with an observation on the creative process poetically framed. There’s always […]

Getting from Here to There

Jun 18th, 2014 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

Sometimes, what we think and what we put on paper are two very different things. Not by intent, and certainly not by design, but inaccuracies can creep into the mix, and that’s why editing what you write is an essential part of any writer’s life. Editors are an absolutely critical part of the process. The truth of the matter is likely when you are starting out is when you most need one. That isn’t to say you don’t need one later on, but the helpful advice of good editors combined with refining the craft of writing shall help you avoid […]

Everything and Nothing

Jan 22nd, 2014 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

Today, I climbed mountains in my mind. I wandered deep valleys teeming with mist hidden dangers. I traveled to faraway places. I trapped myself in dream. I wrote. I sat. I went nowhere. And, yet. And yet. I did everything and nothing. Challenge your own perceptions. Find your faith in your art. Enjoy the act of creation, never minding whether it is for more than an audience of one. Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.  

AFK + RL (Grist for Mills)

Jan 14th, 2014 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

Most writers write. Or should be. Or are thinking about the writing and the words. Admittedly, I do. Yet real life intervenes, as it is wont to do. It comes snarling and demanding for attention, be it vehicular entropies taking their toll or the necessity to get food stuffs to feed our frail forms. Fear not, my friends, it doesn’t mean the creating has to end, just because you’re away from the keyboard (AFK) and must face real life (RL). Don’t live in a fantasy land–that’s definitely not what I’m advocating–but allow yourself to experience the experiences. Put yourself in […]

Uncertainty Principles: Reaching Beyond the Barriers

Jan 13th, 2014 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

Writing is the act of stringing one word after another in a way that makes some sort of sense. Sometimes, however, the act can feel like a struggle. And you face the Wall. People call it all sorts of things, but, ultimately, I think it comes down to outside distractions seeping into your brain or your uncertainty of how people are going to react to whatever you’re working on. We’ve likely been in one or both of those places. If you’re facing a deadline, you can even fall into the death spiral where the more you need to get things […]

Beastly and Beautiful: The Writing of Dark Things

Jan 11th, 2014 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

I enjoy writing all sorts of things, but a lot of the stuff I come up with tends to go dark quickly. As a youth, I loved weird literature and swords and sorcery and anything I could get my hands on. I’d eat it up like  a starving child. And my house was the perfect environment for exploring the nooks and crannies of imagination. My family was a family of readers. My mom had her craft books and read much about the occult and space aliens and the like. My brothers collected old pulps and all the science fiction and […]

The Writer’s Dilemma

Jul 2nd, 2013 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

Today, my role as writer was largely overshadowed by my responsibilities as a publisher. At least, the first part of the day. I dealt with some contracts. I did some Karthador cover mockups. I spoke with my distributor several times, as we ironed out details for fulfillment of KS stuff. And I got the opportunity to chat with my academic friend, KW, for awhile about some nonsensical stuff. I then got to spend the afternoon writing, while the evening was comprised of chatting with some of the Blurry Ones about cover tweaks for Karthador. As I mentioned, I did get […]

Psychotic Constellations

May 8th, 2013 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

This week has been chaotic and exciting on multiple levels. The new computer. The new OS. Revealing the tremulus proofs. Getting Ravaged Earth (electronically) out the door. But there is always more to be done. And other parts of life get in the way. We often say REAL LIFE gets in the way, but let’s face it. For myself, and other creative types, this is our real life. It’s glorious, and ugly, and fascinating. And a dozen (or more) words cannot even hope to capture a fraction of who any of us really are. As someone who works largely in […]

Of Carpentry and Craft

May 2nd, 2013 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

They say an artist is always as good as his brush, a carpenter only as good as his tools, and a writer, a designer, well, chaps like these get little attention. In fact, we’re supposed to be content with a notebook, a pen, and a brain brimming with creative bent. Let me tell you, we who take a turn at pushing the boundaries of endless imagination are getting the short shrift of that deal. It’s not all bad. Let’s face it. As writers we can (and often do) create wherever we go. Not a lot of folks can say that. […]

The Old Switcheroo

Apr 23rd, 2013 | By | Category: The Razorwise Report

I’m in the process of refining some elements of my life. In other words, the plan is to work smarter, not harder. I spend a massive amount of time sitting in front of a keyboard, so I’ve decided to update the Mad Lab a bit. This information will be of use to you writer types out there who don’t want to do all the grunt work that I’ve done in these matters. Some of the things I’ll be getting, in short order, is a new computer (I’m essentially making the switch from PC to Apple for the first time outside […]