RunePunk is Out!


You may be new here. I’m getting a lot of new eyes on the website. Some are even friendly. :) In any case, welcome. I’m still working on bringing more information out here for you and thanks to all of you for your comments scattered across the digital expanse of the internet. A few of my friends keep an eye out and let me know about various boards asking about RunePunk and what it’s all about. I’ve been trying to get to them and field the legitimate questions and concerns some of you may have.

However, it’s hard to be everywhere, so feel free to pop on the Pinnacle Forums and look up stuff on RunePunk (or even join, like burningcrow did) and ask questions, make comments, and all that other stuff.

As mentioned on the main page, those who’ve purchased copies of RunePunk enjoy it. (And a number of you must be, as I’ve heard several reports of stores SELLING OUT THEIR SHIPMENTS the day they arrived.) How exciting. Those who haven’t given it a chance must wonder what they’re missing. ;)

Regards and good gaming!



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