What’s Left to Say?

Hello All.

As Monday evening shadows sprawl across the lawn outside my window, I sit here in a quandry. Well, actually not a quandry, but a chair. In any case, I’ve the dilemma of telling you something so insightful you’ll well up with tears at the wisdom of my words.

Actually, I’m a bit tired. I’ve checked everything off of my list for today except for this one last item. So, lucky you, you’re getting the dregs of my creativity. :)

I spent last week working on some of that secret stuff I’ve mentioned that I can’t mention and it was a watershed moment in the fact that I was able to muster up enough energy to work while being rather on the sickly side. I would’ve much preferred laying about in bed reading comics or the new John Constantine novel I got a few weeks ago that I’ve only managed to put a tiny dent in.

As it turns out, reviewing what I did last week was pretty good, rather than some stuff I’ve churned out in better condition. This must mean my writing is improving or I’m lowering my standards. Right?

Other than working on secret stuff, I got the Orwell stuff I mentioned back from Jodi and I dug into it heavily and will wrap that baby up as soon as I finish this. Sure. Why not?

So, until next time, take care, good gaming…oh…one other thing…a new hobby store has opened in the area called Fanatic Games and I hope to lend it what support I can and help finally grow a Savage community here in Memphis. If you’re local, come check it out. I hope to talk with Mike, the owner, about running some games there on a regular basis.




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