Iron Dynasty: Journey to Red Temple


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Cover_reb_id0001-1Iron Dynasty: Journey to Red Temple is a full blown Oriental adventure set in the outer fringe of the Bright Empire. It is clearly and concisely written by Sean Preston and comes complete with six hapless heroes for your players to choose from and guidelines for making their own. The enclosed bestiary and random encounter table assure a different adventure every time you play. Written exclusively for the award winning Savage Worlds game system with new genre conventions by Butch Curry makes the cinematic samurai swordplay fun and exciting for players and GMs alike, it can be easily converted for use in other game systems with an Asian flavor. Full-color interior art by Kevin Harthun and a great cover by Adam Shaw make this a glorious addition to any SW gamers’ PDF ensemble. Looking for adventure? Remember Reality Blurs!

Author(s): Sean Preston, Butch Curry
Illustrations: Kevin Harthun, Adam Shaw

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