Odd Jobs #1: Clockwork Dragons


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Cover_JT1_Clockwork_DragonsOdd Jobs #1 introduces our series of action packed adventures for RunePunk. Designed for one to two evenings of play, Jobber’s Tales provide an excellent sidetrek in an existing campaign, and are easily placed in your world with no muss or fuss.

Are rumors ripping apart Overwrought and sending Andari to a final death? Why have fewer and fewer shipments come through ScarFall since that explosion over the GlassMar Mountains?

What has ground the gears of WineCastle Freight to a halt? Some say dragons. It is up to the jobbers to find the truth of the matter and get the wheels of industry turning again…

Clockwork Dragons is ideal for four to six seasoned jobbers, but can be easily scaled up or down for any party.


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