Mythos Tales #2: Unstill Waters


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Cover_REB20003-MT2Unstill Waters is a modern scenario for Realms of Cthulhu by industry veteran John Goff with a heavy emphasis on investigation and atmosphere. Drawn into a missing person’s case, the characters soon learn there is something dangerous lurking just beneath the surface. Will the investigators be able to unravel the mystery before the world drowns in its own ignorance?

John brings something special to this adventure, through its structure, style, and depth. The adventure is very much non-linear, enabling the characters to follow the clues as they will and John’s real world familiarity with investigation is showcased by his meticulous attention to detail throughout.

This adventure truly showcases the grim, dirt-under-your-nails reality where dark, Lovecraftian horrors could devour you on a remote, dirt back road, and no one would ever know the difference.

This is the second official Realms of Cthulhu adventure and requires Realms of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds for play.

Realms of Cthulhu is a core campaign setting produced under license with Chaosium and Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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