The Museum (Ebon Eaves Expansion II)


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Cover_tremulus_museumThe Museum (Ebon Eaves Expansion II)

Ebon Eaves is the creepy little town for you to call your own, but even nooks and crannies have nooks and crannies. This playset expansion enables you, the Keeper, to quickly and easily incorporate a museum (along with its surrounding mysteries) into your group’s town, taking their story into delightfully dark, new directions.

Character choice expands ever outwards with three new playbooks. We bring you The Archeologist, The Curator, and The Guard, offering something for both your intellectual and action-oriented players. Shall reason save the day, or shall fists better contend with the secrets sequestered away in the shadows?

The Archeologist: An educated adventurer, you are used to poring over relics found in the field and chasing down scraps of history trapped in stone.

The Curator: You know the history of objects and art and are ever seeking to expand your collection of items and oddities.

The Guard: You keep things apart. You know when to use a glare and when to get rough. And you know the boundaries.

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