The Journey (Playset)


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Cover_tremulus_thejourneyIn this playset, the possibilities are wide-ranging. Shall you travel by cruise ship to a remote island or perhaps take the train to an abandoned mining town? Did you plan your trip, or did you suddenly need to skip town? Occult mystery and exciting adventure await you.

This playset provides a completely new tableau for tremulus. Structured like Ebon Eaves, there are two question sets that establish the framework (The Trip and The Destination). This playset is ideal for groups looking to expand their storytelling horizons.

The Captain: You know the seas and the shorelines and have weathered many storms.

The Cook: You keep bellies full and can scrounge up supplies should the need arise.

The Traveler: You are filled with a wanderlust and are never too far from the comforts of home, as you bring them with you.


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