The Frozen Wasteland (Playset)


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Cover_tremulus_frozenwastelandThe Frozen Wasteland (Playset)

In this playset, we turn our eyes towards colder climes and present you an all new experience to unleash upon your ever-vigilant investigators. Written in conjunction with John Rogers, this playset provides a completely new tableau for tremulus. Structured like Ebon Eaves, there are two question sets that establish the framework. This playset is ideal for groups looking to expand their storytelling horizons. Moving far away from the gentle climes, the investigators must face extreme conditions which could drive men to madness, even without the aid of occult influences.

The Guide, The Mechanic, and The Mercenary are the three new playbooks rounding out this offering.

The Guide: You know how to survive, thrive, and make the most out of what’s at hand. At least, until things get out of hand.

The Mechanic: You make certain the machines stay running.

The Mercenary: You are a hired gun, plain and simple. You’re the best at what you do, given the opportunity. And you always look for the opportunity.

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