Playbook Set III: Madmen


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Cover_tremulus_Playbook_IIIPlaybook Set III: Madmen

This set of archetypes may operate within the realms of polite society, but they are apart from it. They have been touched and scarred by genius, madness, magic, or even the cold, dead hand of the Mythos, giving them singular gifts to serve them in driving back the darkness.

The Chosen: You have been touched by dark powers, and you must resist their siren call, lest the world devour itself.
The Escapee: Prisoner, inmate, special guest, the words all meant the same. You were caged until just recently, and now you must stay always one step ahead.
The Inventor: Your gift for making things transcends the norm. Your mind is off-kilter, and you embrace this as the very definition of genius.
The Sorcerer: You are trained in the practical application of the occult and have powers most would consider impossible at best, and more likely, obscenely monstrous.
The Veteran: War has taken its toll upon you, devouring bits of your soul upon the battlefield. You muddle on, though you’re certain the war continues.

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