The Cemetery (Ebon Eaves Expansion I)


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Cover_tremulus_CemetaryThe Cemetery (Ebon Eaves Expansion I)

Ebon Eaves is the creepy little town for you to call your own, but even nooks and crannies have nooks and crannies. This playset expansion enables you, the Keeper, to quickly and easily incorporate a cemetery (along with its surrounding mysteries) into their town, taking your group’s story into wickedly worrisome directions.

Included are three new playbooks, each with an appropriately macabre motif, and a particular talent to add to any party.

The Bereaved: You have lost a loved one and now mourn, even as the shadows seek to surround you.
The Gravedigger: You spend your life amongst the tombstones and the dead. How long before you join them?
The Mortician: A counselor, a consoler, and one who profits from others’ misery.

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