Playbook Set II: On the Fringes


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Cover_tremulus_Playbook_IIPlaybook Set II: On the Fringes

This set of archetypes lies in the grey limbo between logic and madness. Their thoughts and deeds often transgress the normal bounds of society, providing them with unequaled perspectives that saner, more rational minds might dismiss out of hand.

The Artist: You find inspiration in emotion and dream, and seek to share what you find with others through your chosen medium.
The Criminal: You proudly live on the wrong side of the law. Always have, always will. Until someone or something drives you down into your own private hell.
The Dreamer: You have learned there is a world of dream, a world beyond our own, and you seek out knowledge there to aid you in your waking hours.
The Drifter: You are an outcast, a homeless vagabond who has learned things most would dismiss out of hand from walking the dusty byways of the world.
The Psychic: You possess a gift, an ability to see through your third eye and to know the unknowable, and this makes people afraid of you.

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