DarkSummer Nights


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YCover_DSN_PDF-Complete_rfs-1ou think you know every nook and cranny of ScatterPoint?

Think again, jobber. This book takes it to the street as you get an in-depth slice of life of ScatterPoint first hand and learn what it really takes to survive in the big city. Be careful you don’t get hurt.

Welcome to DarkSummer

Known as Three Rails by the locals, DarkSummer is one of the older and most dangerous boroughs in all of GreyMesa. Remember, we warned you.

Contents at a Glance

  • The Gazetteer: Provides details on the history of DarkSummer, along with dozens of people, places, and new factions that inhabit the streets and the spires, and the places in between. Every one has their own story.
  • Jobber’s Tales: Six brand new adventures build upon elements of the Gazetteer, so you can immediately incorporate DarkSummer into your game. Most can be completed in an evening of play.
  • Odds and Ends: GM Reference Sheets, Player’s Handouts, and a map of DarkSummer are all in here (though we hid the map at the end).

Not enough for you? We didn’t think so either, so we present you with Broken Dreams, a complete and complex adventure wrought with mystery and intrigue that ties together many of the people and places found in DarkSummer.

Gear up, you lazy grubs. You’ve got work to do. They don’t call you jobbers for nothing!


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