Old School Fantasy #6: Tangle in the Silver Vine (Fantasy Craft)


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The elves of the Silver Vines are in trouble, though few in the upper echelons of the city would agree. An aggressive race of spider creatures called the attercop are growing stronger and stronger in the ┬áheart of the forest, and the elves have no standing plan to deal with the growing threat. Some say it is the foolishness of the elders, while others say there is a more deliberate motivation at work. An elven princess seeks outside help, but is it too late to save the Silver Vines from destruction? “Tangle in the Silver Vines” is the next installment in Reality Blurs’ Old School Fantasy line of adventure modules. Hearken back to the days of legend and lore, when your spells, swords, and smarts alone kept the forces of evil at bay.


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