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Cover_RE2EReady for some high-powered pulp? Ravaged Earth not only brings it to you in spades, but also in diamonds, hearts, and (jazz) clubs.

About the Setting

In 1898, the Martians tried to take over, but we got lucky and they left, died off, or whatever. Now, over thirty years later, they’€™re back. Persistent buggers, ain’€™t they?

We’€™re not totally unprepared. Aetherium, what we commonly call the Martian metal, has altered some folks and given them the power to fight back. While most of them live on the fringes, we need each and every one of them if we’€™re going to keep them from taking over. Aren’€™t we?

And if that’€™s not enough, this upstart named Hitler is mobilizing his forces, and he looks to be a rough customer. His rhetoric is certainly more than mere sabre rattling. No doubt, he and his Nazis are mixed up in this mayhem somehow or other’€¦

Grounded in (Pulp) Logic

The traditional tropes, tricks, and genre conventions of pulp are given an intrinsic logic tied to the events of the invasion. These heroes are very much a part of the world, and are a direct result of Martian interference. Furthermore, the ripple effect cascades out beyond the initial alien contact and throughout the past thirty years since the first Red War, when their scout ships nearly decimated the earth. This background provides a milieu with enough flexibility wherein you can play as light as you like, or explore the seamy back alleys in a hard-boiled fashion.

If You’€™re the Hero…

You’€™re guaranteed to make a fantastic guy or gal right outta the gate. This is high-powered pulp, and we aim to deliver on that promise. You can make any kind of hero you can think of, be it a masked vigilante, a mighty magician, or a scientist with his robot companion. The emphasis is on versatility, and eliminating rank requirements goes a long way to accomplish this goal. You might think it’€™s crazy, and it is (crazy fun)!

If You’re the GM…

We’€™ve got you covered. In addition to lots of tips and tricks accumulated over a lifetime of gaming and nearly a decade of playing Savage Worlds, you’€™ll be prepared for anything the players throw at you. Unfamiliar with pulp tropes? We’€™ve got you covered as well by taking you through various genre conventions and explaining how to incorporate them into your game. The plot point campaign and side treks should keep your heroes busy for a long time, but if you couple them with our critically acclaimed adventure generators, you’€™ll be having rollicking high adventure in no time.

What’€™s Revised?

As the oldest Savage Worlds licensee, we’ve learned a lot over the years and we’ve listened to our crack crew of editors and the feedback you provided us. Folks wanted more Martians in this book. The promise of the threat on the horizon wasn’t enough. We’ve honed our focus in on that in a big, big way with the enclosed plot point campaign (which we’€™ll get to in a moment). The edges have been expanded. We’ve included our tried and tested simple power system that doesn’t rely on power points, our extended trait check system, and more. The focus is on versatility, with you able to build the hero you want to play. There’€™s more, but we don’€™t want to give everything away.

The Plot Point Campaign

This is a massive twelve part campaign taking the heroes around the globe and even above it. In it, you will brave hidden temples and dank castles, confront Martian tripods and more, all in proper pulp fashion. Oh yeah, you’€™ll likely trade bullets with gangsters and blows with Nazis. It’€™s all in a day’s work for a hero like you to save the world from the Martian Invasion!

Our Track Record

The expansive number of edges has been tuned and refined, as we’ve learned from our efforts over the years. Everything has been extensively played and tested. And can be found in such fine products as Iron Dynasty, Realms of Cthulhu, RunePunk, and our ENnie-nominated Agents of Oblivion. In fact, we’€™ve gone Power Point-free, using the system developed for Realms of Cthulhu and expanded in Agents of Oblivion.

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