Am I Psychotic? A RPG Writer’s Primer

Hello All.

I was asked this question recently on the Pinnacle forums (which I haunt regularly.)

ronism wrote:

Don’t you have like 27 settings to write (most especially AoO – hint, hint)?

My reply is as follows:

Honestly, I’m working on, ummm, four right now. RunePunk, AoO, Iron Dynasty, and sketched out a secret one that I won’t even mention for some time now that’s tied into ID in a strange way. You must’ve used some remote mind control device because I did spend the bulk of yesterday working on AoO, fleshing out the outline, doing some detail work, and designing the logo and cover art. I spend the bulk of the week working on the main project and then my off-day or down-day ramping up the next item in the que to keep me from burn out on my main project.

The short answer is that I tend to be working out ideas in my head, no matter what I’m doing, and typically carry a pen and paper around so I can jot down notes.

Thanks for the nice words!!!



That’s what I said, alright…now, I’d like to elaborate, but I’m still recovering from some cold-sinus thing that took up residence in my lungs. I’m better now, just a bit sleepy. I had to get some other stuff posted.

What’s more to add? I love to write. I read vociferously and watch television selectively. I have a DVR and go full immersion on subjects and topics I’m working on. Anything that even remotely resembles something I can use, I jot it down. I study plots and themes from anything I watch and transform them around in my head. In other words, I rarely relax in the sense of zoning out mentally. The only real time I do that is when I’m lifting weights which brings me to the final part of this whole post which, when I was more awake, I had intended to be at the beginning.

Here is the question. Am I psychotic?

Sometimes, I think that the development of games and interactive entertainment is the most noble endeavor I can pursue. An industry that can benefit from my efforts. Then one of my buddies says something that gives me pause. “You guys have to have big egos.” This is a recurring theme I’ve been hearing given voice by someone I’ve known for a very long time. I consider my ego healthy, sure, but in no way over-the-top, Monty Haul sort of maniacal. Then I read what I’ve written. This is a bunch of made up stuff that has flowed from my fingertips. Is this going to interest people or am I just psychotic? Nope. Just creative. My ego is healthy. My mind is healthy. I’m meeting tons of interesting people and am pursuing my goals. I’ve just gotta stay focused and keep it real. I’m grounded that way. Promise.



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