About Reality Blurs

Short Answer: Reality Blurs is a game design studio founded in 2004* by Sean Preston because he wanted to make cool stuff.  Now, he has a small gang of Blurry Ones helping out. We get our tendrils in all sorts of things these days.

More Rambling, Expansive Answer: This website was originally started back in July of 2004 when we were just getting started. I say, we, as I included my mouse, keyboard, and imaginary friends in that equation. It was important to present as professional and polished and as big as possible in order to attract distribution and all that sort of thing necessary to convert thoughts into words into food on the table. (Yup, this is the story of creative capitalism.)

Things change. Empires rise and fall and businesses adapt and change to reflect progress. Once upon a time, our website was held up as a fine example of modernity. Time moved on and our website didn’t. Time spent writing words and producing good works got in the way of keeping up with the latest iterations of graphical design. (I had done all the design work on the former iterations of the web sites including writing code so that you could buy PDFs, because they weren’t recognized as “mainstream” yet. Times change.)

Now, we present a new website, not just for you, but for us. The old one had gotten dusty and musty. Our personal design aesthetics had changed and it was painful to update and visit our website as we wanted a new style (the barber’s lament in full effect, y’know, where the guy cutting hair is running around all shaggy because TIME) that we could update and maintain with ease. The future has provided this in spades, so we can post with wild abandon AND keep up with the writing (which is how all this madness got started to begin with).

*For all you nostalgia nerds, check out the original ABOUT US here.

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