An Unreasonable Amount of Chairs and the Importance of Word Choice

We can all, each and every one of us, note the difference in people’s speech. How you and I pronounce things likely varies at least a smidge (or more, if one of us is drinking), and that’s not taking into account any sort of regional differentiations.

The same goes for the way we write. Likely, a lot more so. Why? Because we’re not simply products of our education and environment, we’re also products of the words we shove into our minds. And our ability to frame our own thoughts. It’s actually quite fascinating, and you’ll find most writers love semantics and wordplay. And that’s not too terribly surprising. Yes. I can hear you now, clapping your hands for my amazing revelation that water is wet. So true. So very true.

And yet. How we frame the words makes all the difference. The word order. The word choice. And, yes. Even if we break the sentences down in many ways. (Not all of which are completely legal.) And yet. They can make sense all the same (perhaps, I daresay, even  more so).

These are thoughts I ponder, as the words wander about the spaces in my head, and trickle out the fingertips one day to be read.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu



P.S. I ran across this article in my Facebook feed today and the caption beneath one picture in particular prompted this post.

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