And Another Week Comes to a Close, (for some of us…)

As Friday comes to a close and the work week staggers, exhausted, there is much rejoicing. Dragons have been slain. Demons have been spawned. And mischief has been made. What’s more? I never had to step away from my keyboard. Except to virtually slay my sworn enemies in Black Ops. I’ll probably play it for a bit later on this evening, but my mind is bubbling with ideas, and the cauldron overflows with things and such, flotsam and then some.

Headway is continuing to be made on the support materials for Iron Dynasty, and I’m looking forward to the next projects awaiting on the assembly line for able hands and abler minds to snap up and apply the laser-like focus spawned from discipline.

And this is one of those days requiring discipline. Myriad minor annoyances attempted to leach my energies away and distract my efforts. I do not like when this happens. I get shifty and restless and don’t want to sit down at the keyboard. If I can bring myself to do so, however, the whole world falls away and I get to explore new vistas, new horizons, until I’m exhausted and the whole world comes crashing back in on me. When it does, I’m usually okay. For some of us, the mere act of writing feels us with delight and it’s a kind of therapy. We are rewarded with the rush of a job accomplished, a secret revealed, or are alternately met with stone walls which require a bit of mental muscle to push down.

Ed Wetterman and I had a chance to talk today. He gave me the opportunity to vent which was nice and in the midst of all the rambles, an idea emerged (as if I don’t have enough ideas and stuff to be working on already) and I played with the idea for awhile, like a cat does with its ball of yarn, and it was a nice, welcome break from the stuff I was working on. Which, don’t get me wrong, is fun to work on. Like I’ve said before, you keep eating steak, you’re going to be up for a PB&J. Seriously.

So I supped on the PB&J, licked the jelly from my fingertips Snapped up the bits of bread with vestiges of peanut butter and wolfed those down, and resumed work on the tasks at hand renewed. And I still hit my quota for the day. So all in all, a good day, but I am especially tired, so I shall wind down, read a bit, and maybe, just maybe, play Black Ops for a bit. All in a day’s work.

Tomorrow, however, I’ll be working. Again. Something I had not planned on doing, but plans are made to be broken, so I’ll get a bit ahead, which is never a bad thing and I can rest once I get on the other side of this minute. Pausing, I’m certain for a brief respite, before I seek another mountain to climb. This is something I’d be doing if no one read any words I wrote anyone. It’s in my bloodstream. I appreciate, however, each and every one of you enjoying our works, and joining me on this journey.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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