Anime Fan Mail


As you all may know, I get a lot of fan mail. People praising the work that I’m doing and wanting to be more like me.

That being said, it’s disturbing to get the following piece of email, as few people have the wherewithal to disagree with me on even the most fundamental of levels.

This is one writer’s thoughts on Anime and, by extension, the upcoming APB…

* * *

Soapbox Warning: If you fear a glimpse into my psyche, turn away. I
realize and accept that we might disagree and the following sounds
sort of angry:

It’s really not anime. It’s this weird Japan-chic culture that bugs
me. It started with Dance, Dance Revolution, but has grown into
something worse. The people that think anime is scribed by the gods
themselves, who will pay lots of money for it even thogh it’s in
Japanese, who refer to English translations by their Japanese name
(“Mega Man? Oh, you mean ROCK Man!”), who get tattoos of Japanese
symbols because they look cool.
Things need to be cool on an individual basis. Anime is no exception.

Example: I love roleplaying games, for instance, but if I tried to
convince you that ALL roleplaying games and adventures were awesome
because they’re games, you’d laugh in my face. If I bought German
RPGs, got a d20 tattoo, and imported dice and sourcebooks from other
countries, I’d be pathetic. The reality is that many games, many
movies, and many animes are shit, and there are (sadly) people who
refuse to believe these things. Also, a d20 tattoo sounds kind of

* * *

You would think that someone that loves SW and Roleplaying Games and wants a D20 tatoo would definitely want the APB, wouldn’t you? I mean it’s Anime and RPG all in one (minus the d20.)

Something to think about.




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