Anyone wanna talk about RunePunk?

Hello everyone.

I’m finally going through the edits on the GM’s Section of RunePunk and tweaking things here and there and shoving in as much flavour about the setting as I can.

Let’s see…I’ve got a lot crammed in the book overall. I ran some numbers on new Edges and Powers and Hindrances and then all those adventure generators and scrounging tables and other assorted madnesses. It’ll be fun.

RunePunk is designed to be very flexible. This is evident from the number of races, plus specific racial edges available to each one over and above what each race already starts out with. Before you ask, yes, humans have specific Edges only available to them as well.

I got together with my buddy, Barry, at the hobby store the other day and he made up a character for RunePunk. He hasn’t checked out the latest rules set lately since Clint and I had been hammering those out. He’s been enamoured by Iron Dynasty. :) So, anyway, he looks at all these options and methodically went through things page by page and he paused to ask questions and I could see he was getting jazzed about it. Finally, he settled on making a Human Demonologist with an Unusual Ancestry, he was part Malakar. As such, he selected Shapechanging as the racial ability he gained from his Malakar heritage. He did evaluate some other options, such as being a Pure Blood character or perhaps starting out with an Arcane Companion, but finally decided to go with this. When we were looking it over and I was seeing it anew from someone who hasn’t been breathing this stuff for far too long, it was really rather exciting. I’m looking forward to trotting this out at Origins and GenCon. It’s time.

As far as the characters go, what should I make? Hmmmm…perhaps I’ll hook someone up with an Overwrought Inventor, make another a Modified Human Demonologist, throw in the traditional Malakar Bounty Hunter, and toss in an Andari Sifter. I’ll make a couple more characters to flesh out the ensemble. It’ll be good times.

Just wait. When I get the good word on the Player’s Guide, then I’ll really be chatting things up.




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