Below the Surface

Hello there.

I’ve been toiling away, internet adjacent. That is to say, I’ve been working in an analog fashion with paper and pen and all the things I last mentioned before I submerged.

When I submerge, it generally means I’ve blocking out all the white noise and distractions to focus upon other stuff. I certainly have my hands on a keyboard of some sort every day and am not living in a complete technological blackout. Worry not, there is nary a butter churn in sight.

I also wrapped up an array of maps for the yet to be mentioned map and it’s particularly hard to beat the drum for something yet to be revealed. So it goes. When I am most quiet, I am concentrating and working away.

Not a lot of words above the surface today, need to continue my focus. Thanks for your understanding. After I sort out the threads I’m working on, I’ll spare more words for you. It’s synergistic.

Think wisely. Write well.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu.

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