Contemplating Konoyo and Other Ruminations

As many of you readers know, I’m neck deep in the Mythos working away on Echo of Dead Leaves. Last night, I learned one of the guys in my group who’ve been playtesting the campaign couldn’t make it. As we left things in a particular cliffhanger (of which there are, no doubt, numerous) and the other characters might’ve suffered horribly in his absence (he is both the doctor and psychologist of the party), we decided to play a one-off. Two of us said we’d try to throw something together and would sort it out today.

So, what did I do? I turned my attention to Iron Dynasty and the lands of Konoyo. I’ve been itching to take a (small) break and work on something else, so I got up this morning, looked through the book, read a few passages, grabbed some virtual dice, and turned to the adventure generator to come up with some ideas. After I got going, I cobbled together what may well be the first adventure for Iron Dynasty next year. I wrote over 6,000 words today, so things were flowing. I typically don’t talk about word count, because it’s the quality of words which matter at the end of the day, but I’m especially pleased about this total as it typically takes me a little bit of time to switch gears.

Lessons learned?

1. Jumping to another project after working on one for an extended period is a good thing.

2.I also learned Konoyo is flowing readily through my bloodstream and I can tap the vein as needed. During the main adventure writing of the day, I already sketched out another half dozen ideas for possible future adventures.

3. My productivity is ultimately going to be enhanced when I return to Echo of Dead Leaves.

 4. The influence of Echo of Dead Leaves has had a positive, profound effect on my writing–I’m no longer constrained by incorporating particular combat scenes out of necessity. In an investigatory game, you don’t typically need such contrivances.

5. It’s still a lot of fun to mix it up with high fantasy. The adventure tonight was pulse pounding, oriental action, and it was the first time I’ve run Iron Dynasty since the book’s prerelease, and it’s been in its final form.

6. I should really try to write The Razorwise Report earlier on game day! (This one is late, and I’m feeling it. Believe me.)

What you can take away from this is too much of  a good thing is a bad thing, and variety is the spice of life. Try other games, other genres, other styles of play, and constantly, constantly, challenge yourself. Life is too short to play any one thing (unless it’s from us, of course).  Get out there. Have fun. Keep it fresh. Remember the oni are watching.

As I adjust my katana, and tip back a virtual cup of sake, rest assured, tonight I shall dream of onmyoji upon high mountains and yokai in the woods, with such thoughts dancing in my head, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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