Same, Same, But Different

Revisiting the past and scrounging through fragments of dream, I admit a slight case of the nerves as I post these words in the first officially new post here on RBlog.  Sure, there are other words scattered about here: titles and images we used in testing. Some I don’t want to change yet. Some I may have missed or not gotten to quite yet.  Some I want you to see in their formative stages, because Reality Blurs, the Blur, is changing a touch. We’ve updated our logos to reflect our sensibilities and interests.  We have a clearer separation between RBlog where we talk and ramble, the Shop where you buy our things, and our Community where the forums are kept and you can ramble and talk as well.

It’s still me. It’s still us. We just needed to get with the times. Much like the shaggy-haired barber who catches their reflection in a passing window, we needed a bit more style and panache.  One of the liberating things I’m most optimistic about with the change is that I’ll feel more comfortable talking about stuff that isn’t just our stuff (chiefly publishing) and talk about other passions, things that get us fired up. Certainly, we could’ve opted for a…less prosaic (and Victorian) word than passion, but that’s what it is. Something that gets the synapses going, the wheels turning, and causes those tiny beads of sweat to form on your forehead like when you eat a touch too much wasabi (or not, but you can see hyperbole has its purpose on occasion.)

This new website is also a symbolic renewal of purpose and a more public rededication to things outside my head. I have maintained a presence on Twitter and Facebook, but I have a tendency to drift away when I’m working on things for long periods of time. (So much so, in fact, that some folks wondered if we had faded from all existence, despite regular releases. Such is the world we live in if you don’t post daily then you most certainly have turned to dust.) Part of that is because I don’t want to post everyday that “I’m still working on thing X” and RBlog is going to take the muzzle off in many ways, so let’s see how that goes.

We’re still Reality Blurs. We still make stuff. In other words, we’re the same, same, but different.

Poke around. Spread the word. See what’s up. Let us know what you’d like to talk about in the comments below.



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