Diamond Dogs

Today was a good day. I got away from the technical issues of yesterday and moved on to a day filled with forward momentum on Echo of Dead Leaves. In case you missed it, I said awhile back I’ll most likely be referring to this work as Echo rather than the full title or the abbreviated form. I like the sound the word makes it my head and it really helps me to stay on track as I deal with all the various bits and pieces surrounding this work.

I should mention I saw the first piece of art for Agents of Oblivion yesterday and it made me all happy inside. Our friend, Cheyenne Wright, the three time Hugo Award winning artist is on board to do the illustrations and it’s definitely setting the standard for the line. AoO definitely has a sharp-edged style. It’s like he reached into my head and transferred what I wanted precisely as I wanted. It’s always a pleasure working with such a superbly talented guy.

Now, returning to Echo, things are really taking a nice shape, but there still is loads more to do with it and around it. I’m staying focused on the plot point despite the tendrils of thought which are springing up and demanding attention elsewhere. Today, I compiled all the plot points I have written to date for the campaign as well as closely sorting through them, fleshing out necessary details, correcting typos, and getting a complete sense of where things are at the moment. The spine of the story is quite solid, yet I know I’ll need to do at least one more complete pass on it after the first draft is written. I reflected upon how the plot points line up with the Player’s Guide and the Mythos Tales still waiting to get drafted up. And, over the weekend, I thought about a customized adventure generator for this particular work. I’m not fully decided on how I’ll approach it yet. The main thing I know I do want is to have, at the very least, a generator for locale that naturally ties into the places in and around Charleston. Yes, I know, it sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? This is going to wind up being the largest thing I’ve worked on to date and our other works haven’t been small. (Yes, I know some folks wanted a more massive tome for Realms of Cthulhu, but I think it speaks to an economy of words and writing to the proper length.) More is coming. The floodgates of imagination are collapsing beneath the weight of the creative firestorm [1. Oh, I know I used a mixed metaphor there.] we are cooking up.

We’re hitting our stride. We have so many things on the precipice of completion. I can’t wait to see the rest of the pending art orders. I can’t wait to write more Echo goodness. And I certainly cannot wait until Agents of Oblivion drops into your hands.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader adieu.



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