Diverting Convergences

Hello All!

Paths cross. People cross. Ideas bounce in their cosmic fashion across all time and space. When the stars align bright white, as is their right, a convergence of creativity can extend in all directions.

You’ve gotta be wondering what I’m talking about right now and if I’ve either escaped into the rareified air of the erudite or bonked my head against some wall or column on my climb up the stairs. I assure you, the answer is c, none of the above. Life is multiple choice, isn’t it?

The reason I’m so excited is that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for my work on RunePunk…still miles to go before I sleep…but I’m able to immediately leap into my work on Agents of Oblivion and get it really ramped up. A little later than I hoped, but better late than never. Everything is going according to plan and, in the game industry, the plan is always in flux.

So, the synopsis of this week’s news is, I’ve been busy toiling away on projects secret and otherwise that shall one day see the light of day, but rest assured, it’s all for the greater good. Delays are avoided whenever possible, but are oftimes necessary for the refinements of good work. Trust.



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