Enroll in Monster Academy!!!

Matt Forbeck is a friend and one cool cat. He’s humble, gracious, and an all around great guy. That he’s talented is icing on the cake. I’ve dug his earlier works, such as Carpathia and Amortals, yet I’m particularly intrigued by his latest Kickstarter project, Monster Academy, so wanted to give it a special shout out. You see, he’s slanting his latest trilogy towards the YA audience, but not just the YA audience. Savvy? I recall one or two authors who’ve managed some success with this in the past.

Let’s see what Matt has to say about this:

Monster Academy is a trilogy of novels set in what amounts to a juvenile detention center for monsters. If you have to mix and match similar things in Hollywood style, you might call it “Harry Potter meets The Shawshank Redemption“or “Dungeons & Dragons meets The Green Mile” or “The Lord of the Rings meets Cool Hand Luke.”

But, you know, for kids. And it’s like none of those things exactly, of course.

It has its dark moments and its scary moments — and even it’s laugh-out-loud moments — but at its heart it’s a story about figuring out who you are and who your friends are and realizing your place in the world. It’s also a great adventure tale about how even young people can shake a nation if they’re willing to challenge established ideas and be true to themselves.

* * *

Check out the Kickstarter and give it some love. If you’re wanting to get your kids into gaming, fantasy, or reading in general, I think this will be a great place to start.


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