Finding a Happy Balance: The Restoration of Equilibrium

Today, I got to do a proper amount of writing. I’d love to write more, but I left things in an interesting place. I had some business calls. I attended to some layout issues. I dealt with some niggling edits, did some research, ┬ábut spent half the day writing.

This is a big step forward and beats the no writing I’ve been doing lately. What I worked on today was RunePunk Guidebook #1. I got the structural outline set up yesterday, which took a bit of time, but pays great dividends, and I thought I would leap right into the writing.

I might’ve been able to fake it for some projects, like an adventure, but not for this. There is the little matter of continuity which always seems to creep up on me when I least expect it. RunePunk is no exception. Today, I had to reorient myself with the history on a grand scale and all the molecular level details of GreyMesa, the subject of the first guidebook. If you want to know whether we’re going to examine Barrens as well as Districts. The answer is a resounding yes. These are guidebooks, so anything could be fair game (though I doubt many of you want to know about gossamechs, the little mechanical butterflies flittering about GlitterGloom Forest.)

I’ll make an admission. While I love to read and write detailed information, I haven’t read through RunePunk in some time (until about a month ago). Still, with all the products I flitter between (like the gossamechs), it can be hard to keep everything locked away at the detail level. Factor in other variables, such as discussing what other Blurry Ones are working on, I think I manage well. In any case, it’s long been my habit to refer to source materials whenever I work on something. It’s doubly strange when I’m sourcing back to my own materials (and my rough, less polished voice from the past greets me with a growl). I got a lot of ideas though. I’m back in the gritty groove RunePunk demands. You would be wise to be afraid (and to tape on your socks, lest I knock them off).

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu


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