Fingers on Keyboards as the World Whips By

The summer heat threatens to swallow us whole, promising only to spit out baked, blackened bones at some future date. This year, I am ready. I am lost in other worlds, wrapped in distant vistas, and faraway places, caught up in my own thoughts and those ephemeral, transcendent transmissions of imagination. It’s a good place to be.

The flurry of the physical fulfillment of the tremulus KS is well in hand. We still have deliverables to complete, and get to our backers, but things are moving on at a good clip. I have been busy, despite the quietude of the RWR.

My writing time is predominately dedicated to the work, as one would expect, but I certainly do enjoy sharing my thoughts with you guys as I’m able. It helps me feel connected in a way less impermanent than other social media outlets. So, let me share what’s been going on, and why I haven’t been writing so much on here of late.

1. My system migration proved a bit problematical. (It wasn’t my fault, I swear.)
2. Focus on the day words has been paramount.
3. Energy levels have been normalizing.
4. Moving things through the queue.

Let’s address each in turn.

1. Moving from PC to the iMac has been pretty wonderful. Except for a few issues I had noted (namely the problems I experienced with Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud). This resulted in my spending over 20 hours on technical calls with Microsoft, Adobe, and my cable company trying to get things sorted out (not taking into account the other 20 hours I spent trying to troubleshoot things independently.) The end result? I had to do a COMPLETE system reinstall. Yup. I had to use the nuclear option just 30 days after getting the computer. Then I had to reinstall all the software again. No data files were lost, as I do daily backups and store WIPs in Basecamp (as SOP),

2. The day words are those words keeping the lights on and pay the bills. Most of the day words are those I owe the KS backers, and the rest of you will be getting to check out when tremulus becomes available for general preorder very soon.

3. Remember that illness I had awhile back? I downplayed it. I’m much better now. Really. And I’m working hard to keep things that way.

4. I’m working hard to move things through the queue. This is a constant. We have a lot of things we want to roll out, and the backlog seems to continuously grow. We don’t rush (even though it might make better business sense sometimes to do so). Even still, I take slices of times to see progression across those projects I don’t bring to the fore. The reason isn’t so much secrecy, as to protect my sanity, and direct attentions to the newest stuff we have out there. Sure, from time to time, we may announce things a bit early, and it’s okay for excitement to overwhelm us. Still, I should know when to keep my mouth shut by now.

So, there you go. While you enjoy the wonderfulness of summer, I shall, no doubt, be applying nose to the grindstone to see some blurry stuff wends its way out the door to become a part of your fun. Don’t weep for me. I love what I do. In fact, al the Blurry ones are hard at work. That clacking sound you may hear in the quiet night is likely the sound of fingers on keyboards as the world whips by.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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