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RunePunk Character Sheet

Grab a copy of the original RunePunk Character Sheet, and create your jobber!

RunePunk Primer

The RunePunk Primer: An Overview of the City of ScatterPoint gives players and GMs an introduction to the main setting for RunePunk.

RunePunk FAQs and Errata

Version 1.0

Map of ScatterPoint

With a map of ScatterPoint, you’ll be better prepared for your next job.

Sample Race: Ferren

Get to know the Ferren, one of five new races populating the City of ScatterPoint.

Sample Character Pack

In a rush to get to your next job but don’t have a jobber to do it? Grab a character from the Sample Character Pack.

A Character Complete

Sir Byron Norrish the Third has wanted to be a Barren Knight like his ancestors before him for as long as he can remember. His father and uncles taught the young warrior as much as they could to prepare him for his dream, enforcing a regimented discipline that ensured he would be well tempered for the life ahead of him. However, Byron’s mother did not relinquish her claim to her son so easily.

One-Sheet Adventures

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