Friday Night Lights (In Denver)

The convention is now well underway. [1. Eloy Lasanta claims it is not under way. Who is right? If you want to find out his opinions go to his websites at or].

At any rate, we did not (fortunately) go to the $1.25 dollar scoop Chinese food joint and went to Tokyo Joe’s where Eloy got his food last and I did not. Overall it was the strangest German food establishments I have ever eaten.

In all seriousness, I’ve met a lot of the Rocky Mountain Savages and they are a fantastic bunch full of enthusiasm for gaming and, as one would expect, Savage Worlds. I’ve had several folks tell me they’ll be running Agents of Oblivion and really putting it through its paces. There is a steampunk game as well as a seventies game. I can’t wait to hear how they turn out.

Presently, Eloy and I are sitting in the lobby area and hoping to get in a game. If you’re reading this, and it’s Friday night, and you’re in Denver, and you’re at the Red Lion Hotel, look us up. Now. Seriously. We need players.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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