Happy Holidays from Reality Blurs!

We’re fast approaching the Holiday Season, and I’m going to strive to continue the regular reports through the holidays. Some of these posts may be short and sweet, but ¬†we’ll see how this all turns out together!

In one week, we’ll be celebrating Christmas, and I wish you all a merry one. If you opt not to celebrate, then at least try to enjoy the festive spirit the holiday season, will you?

We should all be thankful for the friends we have and the close bonds we have with family and loved ones. To that end, I’ll let you know I was enjoying a bit of family time by playing some games today!

What do you do with family members who do not enjoy roleplaying games? Why, pull out the board games of course!

Some games I recommend for non-gamers include:

Apples to Apples: If you don’t own this, you should. It’s a fantastic, fast-paced game ideal for large groups and party play.

Mille Bornes: I noticed this old chestnut at the store for less than six bucks. This card game is from 1962 and pits each player (or team) against the others to be the first to make it across the finish line. This is a quick to learn game which is a good deal of fun, and promotes cross-talk during play–you need no more concentration than Uno, and is easy for the kids to learn as well!

Pandemic: I’ve heard good things about this one for awhile, and Zev’s company, Z-Man Games, makes good stuff. This game has a bit more depth than the other games listed and may not sound quite like a holiday game, but who doesn’t want to save the world from plague? It’s a cooperative game which is a nice shift from positing each team against the other and gives everyone the common goal of working together to destroy four diseases. With all the games flying around this time of year, it’s nice to have one where all the people are on the same side.

Fluxx: A simple card game which is an ideal stocking stuffer. As much luck as anything else, it’s engaging for the kids, and gives adults something to do while they’re talking. A light, engaging game which has good replay value, and most games go quick, especially after everyone learns the rules (and discovers how rapidly the rules change in play).

Now, go get your family gaming, share some holiday cheer, and I’ll do the same! Until next time, I bid you adieu!

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