I Think I’m Turning Japanese…


What a beautiful, blustery day it is in Memphis as I curl up before my computer on the love seat and rattle out these long overdue words for your edification. Life has been a crazy, chaotic maelstrom and so is the creative process, so somewhere within that morass is a keen sense of balance that might go unnoticed by the untrained eye. One might pause to ask themself where one can go to train their eyes, but that is one of those things best left to the professionals, whoever they are.

As for me, I think and dream and write. Not necessarily in that order.

Of late, Iron Dynasty has taken the primary thrust of our in-house efforts, though work continues apace on Agents of Oblivion and some new RunePunk supplementary materials. The scope of Agents is just very large and very large things can take a lot of time. With RunePunk, writing for such a unique setting presents challenges all its own and I have to go through the immersion process every time I haven’t visited that chaotic crumbling city of ScatterPoint in awhile.

Let’s move back to Iron Dynasty, the focus of this particular entry for today. What is it? How’s it going?

Iron Dynasty is an exciting world of Oriental adventure enabling you to take on the role of a cinematic hero in your own katana wielding adventure. It is high adventure, Japanese style! We put a few fantastic twists on the whole genre and added in the creative flair you’ve come to expect from Reality Blurs. If you’ve seen it in a Japanese flick, from gritty to high fantasy, you can certainly find it here. Whether you want to create a ferocious ronin, mysterious ninja, yakuza gang leader, or a master of the unarmed arts, you can. There are also multitudes of arcane backgrounds to whet your appetite from onmyoji, shinsei, to ganso…you’ll learn what all those are in due time.

The flavor of the Orient is present without being cumbersome. You’ll definitely find the familiar sense of fantasy you may be used to, but so much more. The Iron Dynasty naturally lends itself to heroic play with the levels of intrigue and mystery you’d expect with a game steeped in the East.

Watch the space for upcoming news. ;)



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