Into ScatterPoint…

Tonight, I had the distinct pleasure of running RunePunk, something I’ve not had the pleasure of doing for quite awhile. Our game time is precious and is typically spent on the newer work, but I wanted to stretch my legs with the setting and test out some of the games I’ve got slated to run at the shows this year. Well, it was absolutely magical and I fell right back into the groove like putting on an old suit. My guys haven’t played RunePunk as we’ve been playing lots of other settings, such as running through Echo of Dead Leaves and working through Agents of Oblivion, so rather than through them into the deep end of the pool cold, we went through the character generation process and it was like walking down memory lane as they’ve asked the questions that have arisen so many times in the past. I found it particularly interesting how archetypes have evolved organically in the setting and I’ve been reminded of some of the bits and pieces I need to (and have been making efforts to) clean up.

The adventure was solid. They got pulled right in. I just need to remember to adjust it to fit the time frame as it could meander just a bit, but I feel certain adventures need to get their legs under them to have more gravitas. It’s kinda like the movie Life Force. When it came out in the States, it was cut from its original length and it tanked here whereas it did really well in the UK. We just need to learn to slow down sometimes and let things roll at their own pace.

I’ll have more newsy things to talk about on the morrow.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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