Iron Dynasty and The Woodwork


Is it coincidence or synchronicity, but shortly after I get my company’s FIRST product out the door, the veterans of Savage Worlds gush out stuff?

Iron Dynasty: Journey to Red Temple News
At least, I can say, I’ve held the the number one spot for August for SW games and am holding steady as the 5th most popular non-d20 release for the month as well (and it’s only been out 2 weeks.) How cool is that? And guess what else, currently, JtRT is in the Hot Sellers of All Products (#16 at the time of this post.) The art has been receiving great comments, people like my writing, and you guys seem to appreciate a nice clean layout-I had faith that you would!

If you haven’t bought it, give it a shot, will ya?


The New Releases:

There’s the World Builder’s Toolkit from GWG.

12 to Midnight has released Fear Effects and Brainwashed for SW.

Legion Publishing has just come out with The Hunt, a fantasy adventure converted from d20.

Wow. The Savage World is growing. Who’da thunk it?



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