Jeremiah Washdown and the CBB

That means absolutely nothing. Or does it? Maybe a name, maybe a place, maybe some kind of aquatic combat maneuver, I don’t know. Yet.

The thing is, while meaning is oh, so very important, so is exuberance. You can write to instruct or entertain or evoke, but there is a sweet spot in there where you should be able to hit at least two out of three of those things. I was explaining this a bit to one of my crew today by way of example. He shot me some of his sample text and I punched it up. I told him CBB, and he asked what it meant. Considering it was a spontaneous acronym based upon what I frequently say about my own rough drafts and those of others, I’ll decode this for you, along with a few other phrases I regularly use.

CBB: Could be better; typically referring to an early draft; a final cannot fall into this category

AGATA/P: As good as time allows/permits means it was done to the best of my ability within the constraints of a given block of time; it’s a work that is good, but could be elevated/expanded if more time was spent on it, but then one approaches diminishing returns. Most stuff falls into this category.

NI!: Nailed it! I hit the sweet spot and am more than satisfied with the fruit of my labors. This can take place in a moment or after repeated efforts, but when you nail it, you know.

That’s in, gotta get this adventure ready for tonight. It’s definitely somewhere between CBB and AGATA at the moment.

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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