Karthador: 6 Reasons to Play

Karthador is a game of swashbuckling science-fiction adventure. You play an adventurer on a planet that’s much like Earth, but packed with ray guns, airships, evil overlords, and warrior princesses with rapiers as sharp as their wits. Powered by Savage Worlds, your hero can challenge mutants in the wastelands, cross swords with air pirates, or hunt giants in the frozen north. Wherever you look in Karthador, there’s danger to faced and adventures to be had.

Here are six reasons you should play Karthador:

1. Nine nations of adventure. The known world of Karthador is divided into nine different nations, each with its own environment, culture, and level of native technology. For players, this means that by simply choosing where your character is from, you unlock a wealth of potential background details. For the GM, this means that whatever type of adventure you want to run, there’s a place for it in Karthador. Do you want courtly intrigue? Wilderness exploration? Open warfare? Karthador’s got you covered.

2. Airships and dogfights. Karthador includes new rules for airship combat that make sure every player plays a role. Are you a pilot? A gunner? An engineer, or even the captain? Take your seat and grab your dice! The team needs you!

3. Swashbuckling freedom. Karthador is dripping with pulpy “sword and planet” flavor. With dozens of new Edges of Hindrances, you can make larger-than-life heroes like those found in classic sci-fi tales of swords and blasters. The game makes it easy to embrace your favorite genre highlights or create characters of your own unique vision.

4. Dinosaurs! The locals call them “megalizards” but we all know what they really are. Karthador is full of dinosaurs for your characters to hunt, ride, and run away from.

5. Guides to adventure. For the GM looking for inspiration, the book offers seven different campaign frameworks. Each framework presents an overview of a potential campaign, as well as adventure ideas for each step of the campaign. Karthador also includes a detailed adventure creator for the GM who needs to whip up an instant classic.

6. Adventure at every scale. The world of Karthador lends itself to small, personal tales of survival and redemption as well as epic sagas of national or even international conflict. The known world is locked in a cold war that could heat up at any moment. The nine nations don’t all get along. Border skirmishes can turn into full-on invasions, and past feuds lie simmering beneath current pacts and treaties. Epic conflicts call for epic heroes, and Karthador is just the place to find them.

Editor’s Note: Karthador is for Savage Worlds and is currently available from our shop, RPGNow and your local game shop (week of 29Jun15).  You can also download the Character Sheet Pack, Airship Control Sheet Pack, and the map now. -rsp

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