Kicking It Old School with Savage Worlds

Old School Fantasy for Savage WorldsWe’re proud to reveal that fantasy is in our blood. If there was any doubt, then you’ll have to check out our newest line, Old School Fantasy. OSF gives you a taste of traditional fantasy adventure, Reality Blurs style.

OSF #1: A Keg for Dragon is guaranteed to take you down memory lane with a fun adventure designed to be played in a single evening.

Northpoint is a remote village with no particular claim to fame other than its location in the foothills of the Ridgeline Mountains, home to an ancient dwarven kingdom known for its potent whiskey. Our heroes are traveling there to visit an old friend, an acquaintance, or to follow up on some rumor of your choosing when they are drawn into the village’s dilemma. The Iron Legion, a vicious tribe of imperialistic orcs, has recently begun to threaten the villagers, and have already cut off most travel along the North Road. Their intent is clear – the conquest of Northpoint. For some reason, the Compact of Clipwing has not been honored, and the dragon that protects the village is nowhere to be seen.

Grab your dice, your minis, and your friends and go Old School Fantasy today!

For only $5.00, how can you possibly go wrong?

Look for pregens available soon on our website.

Suitable for use with SWEX and designed with the Fantasy Companion in mind, OSF adds no new stuff. Come as you are, or bring what you like.

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