Remember Iron Dynasty? Of course you do…we’re working diligently on getting this out the door. It’s been a long haul, but those darn, pesky oni keep creeping in and mucking things up (we think they’re in cahoots with the tengu, but we can’t prove anything).

We’re on track with two flavors of Heavy Metal Oriental Action.

Iron Dynasty: Art of War gives you everything you need to fight on the fields of honor from ninja to the bamboo mecha walkers known as kikai. Throw in a dose of animated statues, pig oni, war bears, magic, miracles, and other madnesses, and you’ve got a fight on your hands. Who will rule the day?

Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin began its life as a player’s guide to get you going while we continue to work on the big book for this puppy, but it’s morphed into something stronger, better, faster, and will serve as a DCB (digest campaign book). It contains a lot of information and will serve you in good stead while we continue to work on the setting that has already been years and years in the making. Sometimes crafting something “just so” takes time…

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