Missive #12: I’m Baaaccckkk…


First I want to apologize for my late hiatus and lack of updates.  I had eye surgery and it’s taken about four weeks to recover enough to see the computer screen (darn cyber implants!)

Anyway I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a great New Year.  There is a lot in the works for Agents of Oblivion in 2012, but I’d like to hear from the fans and Directors out there about what ya’ll would like to see us develop for Agents.  Right now we have a huge creature book, one sheets, Zero Sum Reports, adventures, and of course the print version of Agents!  So what else would ya’ll like to see?

I’ve read in the forums some ideas involving campaign starters for different archetypes of games, lots of talk about Realms of Cthulhu/Agents of Oblivion crossover stuff, even a 1960s/1970s miniatures spy game for Agents.  All very cool ideas.


Let us know and I’ll add them to my big brainstormed list of ideas and run them past the Blurry Director of Operations and see what he thinks.

Here is a generated adventure by James Schrecengost that he so kindly agreed to share with ya’ll.

Using the mission Generator:

Protection mission, the target is an enemy agent from Pandora.. (Really,

all random!) -I decided he’s an agent who wants to ‘flip’

Start point – West Europe wilderness

End point Research Center in Tasmania

Plot type Quest: 3 locations (1) Library (2) Yacht (3) Research Center

(I can’t remember if I decided the end point from the previous random or

this one, but I decided to make them the same)

 Complications: (1) Discovery (2) Innocents Endangered

Rendezvous in a remote wilderness resort with Pandoran agent and get him out, Pandora has him guarded, so mission one, extraction so that the protection will happen – I am thinking about just handing him to the agents, since the rest of the adventure seems to have plenty going on.

  Or start them at the Library – it all depends on how long I want the game to run.  Anyway, this agent has information about a secret Pandoran Library in Le Mans, France.  After sneaking in, they find recent information on an ex-Pandoran research facility in Tasmania that was recently taken over by the Dragonfly society, and is now conducting their own research.  Then its off to Tasmania via boat, a private yacht of an Oblivion friendly.  (I am planning a fight of some sort involving speedboats and helicopters).  In Tasmania, the agents assault or infiltrate the research center to stop the research / happenings.  I got this Idea from the most recent Stross “Laundry” series (The Fuller Memorandum):  They are researching the use of computers with soundcards to chant instead of human cultists.  And the research facility is now a mega computer farm… 

Sounds great James.  You have been granted the official Oblivion status of Agent OZ1 (Oblivion Zero One)!  Keep them coming and maybe you can become a Director in the Agency.

Till next time,

Keep those silver bullets handy, you never know when you’ll need them!




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