Missive #24: New Combat Edges


Howdy Agents and Directors,

Today I thought I’d discuss some of the new combat edges to be found in Agents of Oblivion.  The Novice edges are Carnivore, Disarm Mastery, Ghost, Grab and Hold, Hindsight, Takedown, Typewriter, and Unarmed Combat (Basic).

When playing a hand to hand brawler that has the Berserk edge, Carnivore allows the character to voluntarily become Berserk.  This is a must take if the character has the berserk edge.  Disarm Mastery is a very cook, yet underutilized edge.  With a simple Fighting roll the adversary can be disarmed or even left Shaken.  Imagine a hero jumping into a group of enemies, taking a Multi Action Penalty and taking away two weapons and leaving two opponents Shaken Jackie Chan style.

Another very under utilized (IMHO) thing at most Savage Worlds games is the use of Tricks.  You want to blow your players minds, create a few bad guys that are good at Tricks and use them to school your players.    The new Ghost edge makes Tricks even easier to use and  can greatly change your game by opening up more options to the players.

Grappling an opponent to keep him from pushing the doomsday button can be a very important climax of a game.  Grab and Hold adds to opposed Strength and Agility rolls, and uses Unarmed Combat damage instead of Strength!

One of the more traditional ways Savage Worlds gamers and game masters take down a powerful character or creature is by using the gang up bonuses.  Hindsight denies all opponents a gang up bonus and makes for a very tough hero.

The new Takedown edge allows the hero to not only trip an opponent and cause him to go prone, but may even cause a Shaken result.

If your agent is going to be truly deadly in hand to hand combat make sure you take the Unarmed Combat (Basic) and Typewriter edges.  Together this allows the hero to always be treated as armed, and he does a Str+2+d6 roll for damage!  These points add up quickly and could become “one punch, one kill).

So many options, especially when you add in the new Savage Worlds Deluxe rules.  This is one of the things I really love about Savage Worlds.

So why is this Missive late?  Spring Break, working with horses, company came to visit, and writing for a future release.  So, mea culpa, I’ll try to do better.  Please let me know what ya’ll think, what ya want me to talk about here, or what you would like to see from Reality Blurs.

Till next time, know your enemy, and be unpredictable!



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