Missive #30: Vehicular Modifications

Howdy Agents,

A couple of weeks ago one of you posted on a Missive asking about qualities for vehicles.  If you grew up a James Bond fan like I did you always loved the cars with all the gadgets, guns, and gizmos.  So here is one way I would use vehicles in my home game.

First remember that you can get a vehicle with one equipment pick and can add additional modifications with another equipment pick., such as Advanced Computer, Bulletproofing, Ejector Seat, Machine Gun, Nitro Burst, Oil spray/Spike dropper, and a Rocket Launcher.  But what a lot of agents miss is the sentence that reads, “spending a Resource Point will allow a SUD to be added.”

That’s huge for making a one of a kind, super vehicle!   For 4 Equipment picks (1 Resource Point) you could take a 69 Mustang, add bulletproofing, machinegun, and oil spray, then for another Resource Point add an Anti-Grav Pack SUD so the car can really fly!  Or how about a Displacer Field giving the car deflection protection.  Gravity Well adds speed and can double the distance jumped (Go Bandit!).  How about Repair Bots (modified from Medbots) to heal any wounds taken by the vehicle.  Give your ride a Personal Shield Generator so that the armor is increased.  How about a Time-Inducer Field to help escape those really nasty chase situations?

Some Spytech could also be ported into your playmobiles at a cost of 2 Resource Points per piece, though only a few are actually usable for a vehicle.  I recommend Advanced Combat Training for drivers; or how about Evasion or Advanced Evasion techniques behind the wheel; Physical Conditioning could be improved suspension/superstucture to increase the base Toughness by 1; Talisman could always be useful; and Shades makes for a great HUD.

The real trick may be some gentle word modifications to make the SUD /Spytech appropriate for vehicles, and as always the Director has final say on what is or is not available or useable.

So get creating!  Looking forward to hearing about some cool vehicles driven by Oblivion Agents around the world.

Until next time, keep it “loaded up and trucking!”



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