Monday Rants and Recounting the Past Week (As Promised)

Today has been yet another harrowing day. I had to revisit the index of Agents of Oblivion (for what I hope is the final time) and make some small corrections. Then I began the layout of Ravaged Earth: Revised Second Edition. It was a bit of a pain to set up a whole new template (okay, to tweak one I had started with last year for the project) as I haven’t needed to go through that process in awhile. Perhaps, I was just grouchy. Ever wake up to discover you’re in a bad mood for no particular reason? I had some sort of a partial remembrance where I was upset in my dream and it carried over into the daylight hours. I focused on the work and less on interacting with people today. The mood has, largely, gone away, though I remember thinking foul thoughts towards various paragraphs which refused to bend knee to the formatting under which they were beholden.

Last week I got through indexing Agents of Oblivion (though that came back again today for awhile). I was able to wrap up the Shaintar edits and have it in the layout queue. Same thing with Ravaged Earth. I need to get art orders out for both of them because, hey, art orders, and, hey, time and such. I also got through What Screams Are Made Of. Although I’ve done little writing, aside from these reports, I’m sure you can see my days are phenomally busy. If I pause, I can see I’ve got three sizable projects from one pending stack into another and, let’s face it, while layout takes time, it tends to be more rapid and solitary than editing. So it goes.

My eyes feel like they’re about to dribble out of my skull. I really need an eye checkup, but, hey, time and all that. Busy playing catch up. I’ll feel caught up when these things are at least through layout (and then, I’m certain, something else will become the blinking red light in the darkness of my soul).

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!

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