My Tremulus Experience

I was honored to get to play Tremulus with Sean the other day.  I had read some of the rules, but that was about as much as I knew about the game.  Not only that, but I was playing solo and was wondering how this game would play out.

I was wonderfully surprised with the ease of character creation, game play, and the pure creativity the game inspires.  I created a criminal character and decided I would play him like the 1980s character Ray Luca from one of my all time favorite shows, Crime Story.  The story was set in the mid 1920s.  Ray Luca was involved in a Chicago shooting and was fleeing the police.  This brought him to the little Cthulhu town of Sean’s scary imagination.  The game plays very simply.  You take an action, you roll two d6 and the gamemaster determines the result, and some of the results allow the GM to make moves based on them.  It is a true storytelling game, and I was fascinated at how easily the story came together.

It was truly a scary adventure.  At the end, in true Lovecraftian style Ray defeated the great evil being, but was left totally insane from the experience.

I can’t wait to run this for some other friends.  This game will rock the way you play and I can’t recommend it highly enough.  My only regret is that I had nothing to do with the creation and editing of this one, as I think this may just be the next big thing in gaming!

Look for it soon.



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