We’ve taken great efforts to make certain this site is as easy to get around on as possible. For those familiar with blogs, you’ll find it pretty easy. For those needing a bit more information, you’ll find it here.

Reality Blurs and the Search Function
Clicking on the Reality Blurs logo will take you back to the home page of the site.

The Search Function, in the top right, will scour through all posts in all categories to find the key words you enter. (This is mentioned as the functionality was limited on our previous website.)

The Navigation Bar
Located beneath the logo, you’ll find the navigation bar (commonly called the navbar). The home link functions much as clicking on the logo, while the other links, such as the one you clicked on to get here, take you to static pages that are manually updated. This means the information on these pages is not updated automatically and is here when you need it.

Home: This link returns you to the main page of the site where you can see bits and pieces of all the site in one central place.

The Three Tabs
Just below the navigation bar on the home page is a highlighted article with three tabs above it. The tabs are detailed as follows:

  • The Razorwise Report: This section contains the latest ramblings from Sean Preston, the man behind the madness.
  • The Magnificent Seven: This lists the latest seven headlines culled from all categories in one convenient spot.
  • About Us: A bit of information about the history of the company with our company mission statement.

Shop:  Directs you to online resources where you may purchase our products.

Products: General details about all of our product lines.

Free Downloads: The place to go for all your freebie needs.

Navigation: Where you are now. This section provides insight and direction in navigating the entire site.

Contact Us: Ways to praise us or condemn us with your words.

The Categories
Along the right side of the home page, you’ll find a list of categories. Below is a description of what is found in each one.

Note: Articles are no longer cross-posted. The tags should enable you to find what you need easily enough.

You’ll find some of the articles are designated with a tag. These tagged items are a convenient way of grouping articles together and is useful if you want to find information of a certain type. For example, while Product Information is a general category wherein you can find out about all of our products, each news article pertaining to a particular line is designated accordingly.

The article, Reality Blurs to Publish Realms of Cthulhu is found in The Dirt, but you’ll notice it is also tagged realms of cthulhu at the bottom.

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