Nervous Twitches of Anticipation: Tremulus Playtesting

First off, thanks again for everyone’s enthusiasm and such regarding the ENnies. Very exciting for us. Did I go celebrate or go mad? Nope. I largely did what I’ve been doing lately. I wrote and playtested more tremulus. I did have a few hard ciders yesterday. All they did was make me sleepy. I’ve barely sat still lately. After the second one, I dozed off. Yay?! Onward.

Over the weekend, I got the opportunity to expand out some more details for tremulus. As the title of today’s article may have suggested, I worked on Mental Disorders and mechanized them to work within the context of the setting.  Also, as the title only vaguely suggests, I’m closing in on getting this into the hands of some of you guys and gals interested in participating in this playtest. First off, go ahead and sign and scan the disclosure pledge found here and follow the directions. Everything you need to know will be on there. If you’d be so kind as to include your experience with storytelling games and with Apocalypse World and/or Dungeon World in particular, that’d be good to know. We’ll need disclosure pledges from your crew too after you’ve been accepted into the playtest. Once we sort through the folks interested in the playtest, we’ll be contacting our lucky playtesters to kick the tires on tremulus. Not everyone will be accepted. We’re looking for a variety of folks for a variety of reasons. If you’d like, you can tell us what special insights you bring to the table. That’s not mandatory, nor is this a job application. I’m just letting you know I’ll be reading through them all.

We will need you to be able to get some sessions in as quickly as possible. We’ll need you to provide feedback to us about the game. Again, if you’re in, we’ll get into more detail. If you dig Lovecraftian Horror and storytelling game, then get the pledge, and drop us a line. If you don’t have time, but have friends who might dig this, get the good word to them. (In other words, I’d like to activate you, the network. Please? Kthanks.)

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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