Of Carpentry and Craft

They say an artist is always as good as his brush, a carpenter only as good as his tools, and a writer, a designer, well, chaps like these get little attention. In fact, we’re supposed to be content with a notebook, a pen, and a brain brimming with creative bent. Let me tell you, we who take a turn at pushing the boundaries of endless imagination are getting the short shrift of that deal. It’s not all bad. Let’s face it. As writers we can (and often do) create wherever we go. Not a lot of folks can say that. Sure, architects and artists and others who dabble more in three dimensional mediums may envision and brainstorm, but we can actually write in our head (and, sure, certain select composers can (and have done) do the same). All that being said, we can certainly benefit from having some nice stuff.

As someone who learned to type on an old manual typewriter, I long felt any old keyboard could do. Then I opted to get in on an ergonomic keyboard early on before I had any issues and they served to keep me healthy. Time halts for no man, and these fingers do get weary sometimes, but more the back and neck, so I decided to take a turn at improving my quality of life by investing in some new items. I got a new keyboard, the Kinesis Advantage, which I unequivocally recommend to anyone who takes their craft and comfort seriously. I fumbled about for a few days until I got used to how they were put together, and now my fingers fly upon the keys. I notice a difference now when I’m using another keyboard (as I am now–the Apple bluetooth wireless). The most unexpected thing I notice using the Kinesis keyboard is how my back and stance are more open. This makes me less fidgety, and there’s a great deal less stress across my back and shoulders. The upshot is I can work more efficiently with less distraction. Next up is a migration to an iMac, and a new chair.

You’re probably thinking, Sean, where are all these words and things of which you speak? They’re coming my friend. They’re coming. Friday is going to be a heavy news day. Brace yourselves!

Until next time, I bid you, dear reader, adieu!


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