Old School Fantasy Number Nine and Other News

Today, we released Old School Fantasy #9: Hand of the Harbinger and it ends a plot arc begun in Old School Fantasy #7: Rot & Ruin. We’ve enjoyed delving into the dungeons and dealing with dragons, yet it’s time for us to shift our focus for a bit with the recent runaway success of Agents of Oblivion and other planned projects I’ve been talking about with you in various degrees. I won’t say we won’t return to Old School Fantasy in a bit, but we’re going to let the line breathe just a little bit. This adventure, penned by Dave Olson is rock solid and brings the arc to a satisfying conclusion. If you played the adventures from start to finish, you’re going to have a nice campaign which should be able to hold you over until the release of Shaintar when you can again frolic in high fantasy. Or you can snag some of the Iron Dynasty materials, right? Or Ravaged Earth (which is just around the corner)? Or face off against foes in Agents of Oblivion? Or, what about getting some jobbers together and exploring RunePunk? We’ve been building up our lines, so I’m confident there is something for you to enjoy.


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